Marine Ecological Surveys and Marine Impact Assessment


Environment Arabia has an unequalled capability to undertake marine ecological assessments and to determine the environmental impacts of developments such as ports, outfalls and land reclamation on the diversity of marine habitats.

Our team includes a full range of marine monitoring and sampling equipment and we own and operate four fully equipped boats for marine survey works. Through our relationships with specialist sub-consultants we are also able to provide hydrodynamic modelling assessments, oil spill risk assessment modelling and oil spill contingency planning. Environment Arabia also undertakes marine habitat restoration services including installation of artificial reefs and coral relocation through our sister company Reef Arabia. Our services include:

  • Marine habitat mapping
  • Modeling and monitoring of water and sediment quality
  • Modeling and monitoring of the impact of discharges to sea
  • Monitoring the impact of dredging and land reclamation
  • Preparing mitigation plans for dredging and land reclamation projects
  • Marine habitat restoration
  • Deployment of artificial reefs
  • Coral relocation