Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) Studies

Environment Arabia has been undertaking EIAs of major industrial projects in Bahrain since its inception. This includes all variation of EIA such as ESIA (inclusive of social or sustainability impacts), EHIA (inclusive of health impacts) and SEA) Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Government regulations require that all major industrial projects have an Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken.

We are capable of Project Managing and undertaking all specialist studies required to complete a EIA, such as:

  • Preparation of Environmental Scoping Studies
  • Consultation, data collection, and analysis
  • Marine and terrestrial ecological survey
  • Assessment of the environmental effects of process emissions to air, water, and land
  • Water modeling and assessment of sediment quality
  • Prediction of noise levels and air quality
  • Landscape and visual intrusion
  • Recommendation of practical mitigation measures and Best Available Techniques (BAT) to reduce pollution
  • Development of monitoring programs and surveys
  • Preparation of Environmental Evaluation Reports