The general federal environmental law is Law No. 24 of 1999 Regarding Protection and Development of the Environment. This law covers every aspect of environmental protection including land, water and air. It requires all governmental bodies concerned with planning, construction and economic development to consider environmental protection, the prevention of pollution and the rational use of natural resources in carrying out their functions. See the link below for the Ministry of Environment.

Ministry of Environment & Water

Within Abu Dhabi, the Environment Agency was created under Law No. 16 of 2005 as the agency concerned with environmental affairs in the Emirate; it replaced the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency. It has produced a range of Standard Operating Procedures which set out its approach to permitting for commercial, industrial, chemical, hazardous materials and infrastructure projects. http://www.ead.ae/home/

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council introduced Estidama, a holistic framework to direct the course of sustainable development within the Emirate. Within Estidama, is a green building rating system called the Pearl Rating System that is utilised to evaluate sustainable building development practices in Abu Dhabi; see link below:

Pearl Rating System

In Dubai, permits are required from the local Municipalities for activities relating to water usage (sewage/drainage, liquid waste) and to air pollution. The standards imposed are closely monitored by the local municipality, which has the power to clean up at the polluter’s expense and cancel existing permits. The operator of a facility is required to perform monthly tests and send the results to the Municipality.