In line with Environment Arabia’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, our staff visited the offices of Al Majid Plastic and Metal Recycling Factory located in Palace Road, Hoora on 5th May 2015.

The company commenced recycling in the 1980’s under the name of the Bahrain Contract Cleaning Company, engaging in the collection of paper and cardboard. In 2013, they established the Al Majid Plastic and Metal Recycling Factory to become the market leader in waste paper/carton collection and recycling in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Al Majid recycling plant is located in the Salmabad area. Currently, there are 180 staff and a large fleet of vehicles dedicated to waste collection and recycling.

The types of plastic recycled includes HDPE, LDPE, PPE, PVC, styrofoam and PET. All of the plastic is recycled within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Services to look forward to in the coming months are the collection and recycling of e-waste (electronic) and tyres, according to the General Manager Ratheesh Poozhiyil. Contact details can be found on their website –