Fasht Al Jarim Island Refuge EIA, Bahrain

An Environmental Impact Assessment of an island refuge to be constructed towards the north-east section of Fasht Al Jarim, some 26km off the coast of Bahrain.  Intended purely for the use of fishermen, its location was chosen due to its strategic position between the mainland of Bahrain and offshore fishing grounds.

The design of the island would allow for larger boats and dhows to anchor / moor offshore with fishermen being transferred to the island via smaller boats.  The main focus of the environmental investigations were the marine and coastal implications of the dredging and storage of dredged material (i.e. the construction process), and the resulting effect on benthic and other ecology due to the reclamation.  Stockpiling and dewatering of dredged material may also pose water and air quality issues as well as potential contaminated soil problems.