• Marine

    Coral Mapping, Aqaba Port, Jordan

    A coral mapping survey in preparation for the implementation of port development plans in Aqaba.  This information was used to identify sensitive ecological habitats, determine the impact of the proposed developments and establish any mitigation that may be required. The assessment included a preliminary ecological scoping study, with the aim

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    Marine Ecological Survey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    A marine baseline environmental survey at the site of the King Abdullah Economic City south of Rabigh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The survey included drop-down video and dive surveys by specialist marine ecologists.

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    Construction, Deployment and Monitoring of Artificial Reefs, Bahrain

    Environment Arabia was commissioned by the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife and under the auspices of the Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Affairs (Special Projects Unit) to construct, deploy and monitor a total of 10 artificial reef complexes, each comprising 256 reef units, within

  • Monitoring Programme for Oyster Bed Sites, Bahrain

    Environment Arabia was commissioned by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities to conduct a Monitoring Programme for the Oyster Bed Sites in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The programme was required for Bahrain’s application to include the oyster beds on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Specialist surveys were developed

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    Fish Farm Operation EMP, Bahrain

      An Operation Environmental Management Plan addressing the operation of and offshore and onshore fish farm facility. The project is being advanced by a consortium of investors including the private sector, Mumtalakat (the national wealth fund) and the Bahrain Development Bank in response to the Bahrain government’s initiative to address