Environment Arabia Consultancy Services (EACS) has been appointed by Technip Italy S.p.A to undertake an Environmental Health Impact Assessment for the Bapco Modernization Program (BMP), Bahrain. The BMP project comprises a package of developments to expand the capacity of the Bahrain Refinery from 267,000 bpd to 360,000 bpd. The Refinery configuration post-BMP will allow for higher throughput, improved product quality and ensure Bapco’s continued competitiveness under a wide range of price and market scenarios.

The EHIA will focus on air quality, noise, marine water quality, soil and groundwater contamination and waste management. An Environmental Scoping Report is currently being prepared for submission to the Supreme Council for Environment. The EHIA should be concluded in the first quarter of 2016. Part of the EHIA team, which is led by Dr Andy Booth, are seen studying plans of the project and study area.